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Inhibin A

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RCP9355 10µg

Human Recombinant Protein Specification

Name: Inhibin A
Catalogue No.: RCP9355
Description: Inhibins are dimeric peptide hormones produced by female ovarian granulose cells and male Sertoli cells as well as a variety of other tissues. Inhibins have two isoforms, A and B, with the same α subunit but different beta subunits. Inhibin A is a dimer of α and β A subunits, inhibin B is a dimer of α and β B subunits. Inhibins are thought to inhibit the production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) by the pituitary gland. In addition, Inhibins are also thought to play a role in the control of gametogenesis, and embryonic and foetal development. Randox Life Sciences recombinant Inhibin A is a 264 amino acid, single chain protein, comprising the mature inhibin α and the mature βA chain (α -A). The protein is expressed in E. coli with an amino-terminal hexahistidine tag. This product is for research use only and is not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.
Size: 10 µg
Form: Liquid
Buffer: Buffered 50% glycerol
Purity: >95% by SDS-PAGE
References: Burger, H.G. (1988) J. Endocrinol. 117(2) : 159-160. Canick, J.A & MacRae, A.R. (2005) Semin. Perinatol. 29(4) : 203-208.
Synonyms: Inhibin A, Inhibin isoform A
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