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Tetracycline (2 products)

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Tetracycline Monoclonal Antibody MAB9258 1mg POA Enquiry
Tetracycline Monoclonal Antibody MAB9346 100 μg: £562.44

Thyroid stimulating Hormone (8 products)

Tricyclic Antidepressants (2 products)

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TCA Monoclonal Antibody MAB9960 1mg POA Enquiry
TCA Monoclonal Antibody MAB9961 100µg £562.44

About Monoclonal Antibodies

Can offer several advantages over polyclonal antibodies. 60+
Randox Life Sciences produce monoclonal antibodies which offer advantages over polyclonal antibodies;
·        Specificity - each batch consists of a single antibody resulting in excellent specificity to the target compound
·        High Affinity - each antibody binds to the target with the same affinity resulting in monoclonal antibodies with extremely high affinity
·        Undesirable cross reactivity is eliminated
All monoclonal antibodies are produced from immortal cell lines developed at Randox which give rise to a constant and homogenous supply of antibody.
General Specification
Host Animal: Sheep
Format: Purified high affinity monoclonal antibody
pH: 7.2
Buffer: PBS
Preservative: 0.09% Sodium Azide
Method of Production: In vitro cell culture using standard DMEM media supplemented with foetal bovine serum of a USDA approved origin
Method of Purification: Protein A Affinity Chromatography