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Flumequine 96 tests

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Flunixin 96 tests

ELISA and Immunoaffinity Columns ELISA and Immunoaffinity Columns

Randox Life Sciences have a range of over 30 highly sensitive, specific & cost effective ELISAs for drug residue monitoring.
With over 30 years experience and a devoted research and development team, Randox Life Sciences are dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high quality and accurate drug residue screening solutions.
Concern over veterinary drug residues is increasing worldwide. The food industry is subject to greater scrutiny from both consumers and regulatory authorities. Most drugs are introduced to improve animal health; however the abuse of drugs is becoming an unfortunate fact of modern life. The legitimate treatment of disease with drugs such as antibiotics (in clinical doses) reduces mortality in livestock and other growth promoting drugs are misused to improve meat production.
Global racing authorities are reliant upon drug residue screening solutions to maintain the integrity of the racing industry by testing for illegal performance altering drugs. An increasing number of compounds are being screened to protect the safety of animals and to ensure races are won on the animals’ natural merits.
As a consequence the practice of using high doses of antibiotics, growth promoters and Drugs of Abuse is regulated.
 ELISA kits for drug residue screening
  • Screening animal and food samples for drug residues
  • Monitoring show and competition animals for performance enhancing drugs
Chromatographic methods such as Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) have been used to monitor drug residue levels in food. Randox diagnostic kits employ ELISA technology for the quantitative measurement of drug residues in various matrices. Randox ELISA kits show excellent correlation with these analytical methods.
Randox ELISA Tests offers the following benefits:
  • Easy to use, highly specific, cost effective screening method.
  • Measurement of drug residues in various matrices - in urine, serum, meat, feed, milk, honey, feather,     hair, egg and retina
  • Intra and inter assay precision typically <10% CV.
  • Lower set-up costs as no expensive equipment required.
  • Faster - up to 80 samples can be analysed in 2 to 3 hours with ELISA.
  • Randox ELISA technology can be fully automated.

Immunoaffinity Columns

 Immunoaffinity columns for sample purification
  • To complement Randox ELISA and Biochip Array Technology
  • For sample purification prior to confirmatory methodology
Sample clean up is an essential part of drug residue testing, whether it is performed by ELISA, GC-MS or any other technique. To complement the Randox range of ELISAs for measuring drug residues Randox offer a wide range of Immunoaffinity columns for sample purification. Rapid sample purification reduces analysis time for ELISA, HPLC and GC-MS. The columns have been developed to offer excellent specificity and to ensure high analyte recovery. Each column can be used up to 10 times.
Randox Immunoaffinity Columns offer the following benefits:
  • Very efficient and highly specific, resulting in pure samples that produce a high signal to noise ratio-low levels of analyte can be detected in samples prepared using Randox immunoaffinity columns
  • Higher analyte recovery than with any other methods of preparation
  • Safe – only one solvent elution step involved, reducing the use of organic solvents, improving safety and reducing waste disposal costs
  • Faster than other methods because fewer purification steps are involved
  • Can be automated
  • Convenient – Randox immunoaffinity columns are available in packs of five. Each pack also contains all the buffers required for equilibration and storage of columns.
  • Cost-effective – each Randox immunoaffinity column can be used up to 10 times.
  • Long shelf Life – 2 years from date of manufacture