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Randox Laboratories, our parent company has over 30 years experience aiming toreveolutionisehealthcare by improvingdiagnostics. In our beginning years, Randox manufactured and sold just seven clinical chemistry kits, we have now expanded our product portfolio to include over 1500 numbers catalogue including an extensive range of clinical reagents and quality control materials, as well as a number of specialised divisions;

Improving food safety globally and leading the way fordrugresiduetestingthrough patented Biochip Array Technology (BAT) and high qualityELISA test kits.

Delivering Innovative solutions for fast and accurate drug detection through Biochip Array analysers, homogenous EIA's and Quality Control Materials.

Randox Pharma Sciences supplies the world’s top CRO’s and biopharmaceutical companies. We have unrivalled technical expertise in diagnostic and CDx assay development, multiplex protein & nucleic acid arrays and analysers, clinical chemistry and immunoassay arrays and analysers, diagnostic reagents and fully customised QC.

Offering the most comprehensive alcohol and drugs of abuse testing currently on the market using high quality screening methods to ensure accurate results.

An exclusive service of personalised and preventative health profiling, revolutionising how you care for your health.

Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme (RIQAS) is one of the world's largest extermal quality assessment schemes serving over 28,000 participants. Helping labs meet their quality requirments since 1990.

Confidante is a home use STI kit developed by Randox, giving users the ability to screen for 10STI’sin the privacy of their own home.


Offering a versatile range of clinical chemistry analysers for use in various laboratory settings through cost effective platforms.