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Randox Life Sciences has been developing and manufacturing a wide variety of antibodies, conjugates and human recombinant proteins for nearly 30 years. A selection of our antibodies and proteins are used in the development and manufacture of the Randox diagnostic products including the patented Biochip Array Technology and our ELISA kit products. All of our products are manufactured under the ISO13485 guidelines.

We have recently launched this range of antibodies, conjugates and human recombinant proteins to the research and development markets. The range of products includes high quality antibodies and conjugates targeting drugs of abuse, steroids, hormones and biochemical markers. Randox Life Sciences also offers customers our extensive list of human recombinant cytokines, chemokines, adhesion molecules and tumour markers.

A number of global companies have chosen to partner with Randox Life Sciences for a variety of strategic reasons. These include our high quality and cost effective products, strong technical support and reliable supply of products. We are currently looking for new lines of distribution into markets that we have not yet present. We would like to provide distributors with the opportunity of working with Randox Life Sciences in your country. Adding the Randox Lifesciences antibodies and recombinant proteins to your catalogue of products will offer your customers a new high quality range of products for their research and development applications.

If you feel this is an opportunity that you would like to take advantage of please contact us below for further details.

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