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HRP9317 0.5ml

HRP Tracer Specification

Name: Codeine(6)-HRP
Description: Codeine or methylmorphine is an opiate used for its analgesic, antitussive and anti-diarrhoeal properties. Codeine is an alkaloid that can be extracted from opium, and most codeine is synthesized from morphine through the process of O-methylation. Codeine is mainly used as a pain reliever, and as an anti-diarrhoeal agent. Codeine can be administered by many routes, this includes, SC , IM , as an enema, and orally. It is less potent than morphine and has a correspondingly lower dependence-liability than morphine. Like all opiates, codeine is addictive unless used infrequently. However, the withdrawal symptoms are relatively mild and as a consequence codeine is considerably less addictive than the other 611.
DilnFactor: 80
Format: The conjugate is supplied as a concentrate. Dilute as required and use working strength conjugate immediately after dilution
Specificity: Each conjugate comprises antigen covalently bound to horseradish peroxide and is suitable as a tracer in immunoassay development.
Storage: +2 - +8 for up to 3 months / -20°C for long term storage
References: 4. Vill .T.B, Van Dongen R.T., Koopman-Kimenai P.M. Codein analgesia is due to codein-6-glucosomide, not morpheine, Int.J.Clin.Pract. 2000. 54 (6): 395-398.