Frozen Human Plasma Frozen Human Plasma
Recombinant Proteins Recombinant Proteins
Polyclonal Antibodies Polyclonal Antibodies
Monoclonal Antibodies Monoclonal Antibodies
Conjugates Conjugates
ScFv - Single Chain Antibodies ScFv - Single Chain Antibodies
ELISA and Immunoaffinity Columns ELISA and Immunoaffinity Columns
Buffers, Reagents and Accessories Buffers, Reagents and Accessories
Enzymes and Co-factors Enzymes and Co-factors

Randox Life Sciences has been developing and manufacturing a wide variety of antibodies, conjugates and human recombinant proteins for over 30 years.

We also offer an extensive list of human recombinant cytokines, chemokines, adhesion molecules and tumour markers and antibodies targeting drugs of abuse, steroids, hormones and biochemical markers.

Whether you're purchasing a single antibody, bulk supply of antigens for assay development, or discussing custom polyclonal antibody manufacture, Randox Life Sciences can provide a service to suit you.